Let’s be honest, weddings are a hassle to arrange, especially big fat Asian weddings with relatives and friends spanning the world and waiting to attend in fashion. This can be said about most Asian events too and certainly trying to reduce the headcount for such special events is a tall order. While it is tough, this article will provide some ideas on how to cut down your list without needing wedding planners to do the job for you, and ensuring your wedding is in line with Government advice.

A useful tip is to livestream your wedding. Tech is huge and used in almost every area of life, so why not incorporate it on your big day, and make it accessible for relatives in remote areas. This innovative way of connecting with friends, colleagues and family, means everyone you would have otherwise invited can now experience your wedding and enjoy in a whole new way – in the comfort of their own homes. Take it to another level and invite your virtual attendees to make a sweet dish or savoury goods so they can enjoy while seeing the couple tie the knot. Attendees can also have their kitchen or backroom dance floor’s ready for a virtual dance-off with the bride and groom or guests on separate online break out rooms!

Another handy piece of advice is to have a child-free wedding. Open honesty and transparency are values you should not put to the side during this time. It will be appreciated by family and friends and in case it’s not, at least you’ve communicated in a frank and polite manner. Weddings typically last between 1-6 hours and more often than not, a bulk of the guests leave after the food is served, making the period of time parents are away from their children quite limited. As long as you communicate effectively, your guests shouldn’t respond in an adverse way. However, to caveat this, do prepare for negative feelings. Be sure to remind your guests this is mainly a result of the current circumstances (Covid-19) and express how much it means to you that they understand this isn’t something you really wanted. Also consider the health conditions of your guests. This can help in reducing your original guest list, as you want to avoid a close friend or relative spreading any symptoms or to see their condition worsen. In the digital age we are in, older relatives and friends can witness the joys via Zoom or Skype.

Another way to downsize your guest list is to consider your relationship with the various people listed in your original roster. As pedantic as it sounds, it is important to assess who you really want to be present on the day and who can participate via a digital platform. No two relationships are the same and evaluating the strength of your relationship with a work colleague you only started talking to a week ago, as compared to a close family relative, is an exercise worth conducting. Make two camps and decide who will fall into the ‘physical attendance’ camp and the ‘virtual invite’ camp. By doing this you will realise you have some non-negotiables and other negotiables who can still enjoy your wedding, albeit from afar.

Being clear and upfront are the golden principles in life. Whether you have friends or relatives from overseas or newly befriended colleagues at work or gym, inviting them virtually means everyone gets to relish your fantastic wedding.